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Thanks to a professional and entrepreneurial experience of nearly 40 years STUDIO ALFA S.p.A. is able to offer and implement innovative solutions and certified courses of action within an International context, in Europe and overseas as well. An increasing number of Italian companies located abroad and multinational businesses have acquired a strong awareness and attention to the themes of environmental protection and workplace safety.

STUDIO ALFA has assumed the role of a strategic partner to guarantee the high standards of quality imposed by the international laws, also in case of their absence, through a wide spectrum of services and consultancy support: monitoring and analysis of soil, water and atmospheric emissions, remediation of contaminated sites, design of renewable energy sources and systems for energetic efficiency, workplace safety and risk prevention, sustainable development.

Furthermore, the specific needs of high tech sectors such as Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Ceramic and Chemical ones have prompted Studio Alfa to perfect highly specialized services. Presently the assessment of performance of the Pharmaceutical manufacturing machines represents a developing action which testifies the ability of STUDIO ALFA to innovate its offer in line with the increasingly sophisticated needs of the production.

International vision, constantly updated know-how, spirit of innovation, flexible approach and long term experience have permitted Studio Alfa to support the expansion of its own customers in over all the world, as testify the projects developed in Switzerland, Egypt, Malta, USA, Turkey, Croatia, France.

Asbestos Risk Assessment

Asbestos risk assessment consists of mapping all the materials suspected of containing asbestos, evaluated in their state of preservation, together with a campaign of environmental sampling for determining the concentration…

Chemical and Carciongenic Risk Assessment

Risk assessment for chemical and carcinogens allows for the evaluation of the exposure to hazardous chemicals and carcinogens/mutagens substances of operators in normal working activity. Thus identifying the minimum…

HPAPI Containment and Risk Assessment

In the presence of potent drug (HPAPI) powders, which exert toxic activity at low doses, it is important to mitigate operator health risks and cross-contamination risks.
Due to poor performances of personal protective systems, the utilization…

Training, Seminars and Capacity Building

Development of activities and educational projects, information and capacity building in collaboration with training facilities, institutions and universities. Ability to enable collaborations with universities and training facilities…